Project Missouri Lacrosse (PROMO) is excited to announce the most recent honors and commitments of its players:

Graham Bundy Jr, Class of 2019 (MICDS), Georgetown

Elijah Myers, Class of 2019 (Ladue), North Carolina

Chris Handy, Class of 2019 (Chaminade), Denver

Henry Carpenter, Class of 2019, Penn State

Thomas Niedringhaus, Class of 2019, Boston University

Quentin Matsui, Class of 2019, Virginia

Andrew DiFrancesco, Class of 2019, Denver

Colin Penn, Class of 2019, Rutgers

Cooper Prawdzik, Class of 2019, Denver

Graham Childs, Class of 2019, Hofstra

Ross Buchman, Class of 2018, University of Vermont
Peter Covington, Class of 2018, Christopher Newport University
Alexander Feldman, Class of 2018, Denison University

Bryce Horstman, Class of 2017 (Lafayette), Mount St. Mary's University

Austen King, Class of 2017 (Ft. Zumwalt), Lindenwood

Harry Wellford, Class of 2017 (MICDS), University of Virginia

Patrick Howley, Class of 2017 (SLUH) Rockhurst University

Nolan Corker, Class of 2017 (SLUH), Lindenwood university

Wit Tegenkamp, Class of 2017 (Webster Groves), Rockhurst University

Ben Jackson, Class of 2017, (Chaminade) Lynn University

Derek Radke, Class of 2017, (Desmet) Cleveland State University

Alex Bean, Class of 2016 (MICDS), Georgetown University

Jake Burmeister, Class of 2016 (MICDS), Lehigh University

Matt Trowbridge, Class of 2016 (MICDS), University of Michigan

Banks Pflager, Class of 2016 (MICDS), Washington and Lee

Craig Koester, Class of 2015 (Desmet), Lynchburg College

Noah Iverson, Class of 2015 (Desmet), John Carroll University

Paul Rougeau, Class of 2015 (Desmet) McGill University

Brendan Duggan, Class of 2015 (Lafayette), Onedoga College

Sean Dotson, Class of 2015, (Wentzville), Rockhurst University

Chase Littiken, Class of 2015, (CBC) Rockhurst University

Gabe Remshardt, Class of 2015 (Clayton), Bryant University

Sean Conway, Class of 2015 (Eureka), Rockhurst University

Max Keeley, Class of 2014 (CBC), Amherst College

Gabe Monteleone, Class of 2014 (DeSmet), Lindenwood University

Connor Eskridge, Class of 2014 (Vianney), Lindenwood University

Ian Meister, Class of 2014 (CBC), Rockhurst University

Michael Beckham, Class of 2014 (CBC), Rockhurst University

Louis Martinez, Class of 2014 (CBC), Rockhurst University

Justin Mayfield, Class of 2013 (SLUH), Robert Morris University

Stephen Lordo, Class of 2013 (SLUH), Robert Morris University

Will Morehead, Class of 2013 (MICDS), Providence College

Jon Vogel, Class of 2013 (Parkway West), College of the Holy Cross

John Coulter, Class of 2013 (MICDS), Denison University

Benj Besancenez, Class of 2013 (Desmet), Lindenwood University

Zach Turnure, Class of 2013 (CBC), The Ohio State University

Christian Schveninger, Class of 2013 (CBC), Florida Southern University

2018: Graham Bundy Jr.

2017: Harry Wellford

2016: Matt Trowbridge

2015: Noah Iverson

2014: JT Thiemann, MICDS

2013: Max Keeley, CBC

2012: Chris Heimenz, MICDS

2018: Jayson Sugavanam, MICDS

2018: Graham Bundy Jr., MICDS

2018: Thomas Neidringhaus, MICDS

2018: Chase Baker, Eureka

2017: Bryce Hortsman, Lafayette

2017: Whit Tegenkamp, Webster Groves

2017: Graham Bundy Jr, MICDS

2017: Harry Wellford, MICDS

2017: Alexander Feldman, MICDS

2016: Harry Wellford, MICDS

2016: Jake Burmeister, MICDS

2016: Matt Trowbridge, MICDS

2016: John Binder, MICDS

2015: Jake Burmeister, MICDS

2015: Brendan Duggan, Lafayette

2015: Noah Iverson, Desmet

2015: Harry Wellford, MICDS

2014: Alex Bean, MICDS

2014: Max Keeley, CBC

2014: JT Thiemann, MICDS

2014: Michael Beckham, CBC

2013: Will Morehead, MICDS

2013: Zach Turnure, CBC

2013: Justin Mayfield, SLUH

2013: Benj Besancenez, Desmet

2013: Jon Vogel, Parkway West

Peter Covington, Chaminade, Attack

Derek Radke, DeSmet, Attack

Alexander Feldman, MICDS

Thomas Niedringhaus, MICDS

Ben Jackson, Midfield, Chaminade

Luke Wetzel, Midfield, Desmet

Chase Baker, Midfield, Eureka

Austen King, FO, Ft. Zumwalt

Bryce Horstman, Midfield, Lafayette

Graham Bundy, Midfield, MICDS

Harry Wellford, Midfield, MICDS

Reilly Sheahan, Defense, Chaminade

Ross Buchman, Defense, MICDS

Whit Tegenkamp, Defense, Webster Groves

Dylan Radke, Goalie, DeSmet

Nico Feldman, FO, MICDS

Jordon Celeslie, Midfield, Vianney

Derek Radke, Desmet

Alexander Feldman, MICDS

John Binder, Webster Groves

Bryce Hortsman, Lafayette

Banks Pflager, MICDS

Gaines Bundy, MICDS

Harry Wellford, MICDS

Jake Burmeister, MICDS


Whit Tegenkamp, Webster Groves

Tanner Dunlap, Webster Groves

Alex Bean, MICDS

Pat Broughton, SLUH

Matt Trowbridge, MICDS

Jack Perryman, SLUH

Austen King, Fort Zumwalt

Asa McCurdy, Ladue

John Binder, Webster Groves

Noah Iverson, Desmet

Brendan Duggan, Lafayette

Craig Koester, Desmet

Will Cella, MICDS

Michael Gianino, MICDS

Gaines Bundy, MICDS

Harry Wellford, MICDS

Brian Pandolfo, Desmet

Jake Burmeister, MICDS

Alex Bean, MICDS

Pat Broughton, SLUH

Michael Snodgrass, Desmet

Matt Trowbridge, MICDS

Gabe Remshardt, Clayton

Sean Dotson, Wentzville

Michael Beckham, CBC

Cam Corona, CBC

Sean Conway, Eureka

Will Cella, MICDS

Harry Wellford, MICDS

Louis Martinez, CBC

Gabe Monteleone, Desmet

Jake Burmeister, MICDS

Max Cannon, SLUH

Parker Cordova, CBC

Max Keeley, CBC

Noah Iversen, Desmet

JT Thiemann, MICDS

Connor Eskridge, Vianney

Alex Bean, MICDS

Gabe Remshardt, Clayton

William Morehead, MICDS

Michael Beckham, CBC

Sean Conway, Eureka

Christian Schveninger, CBC

Breck Pepple, Webster Groves

Gabe Monteleone, Desmet

Stephen Lordo, SLUH

Zach Turnure, CBC

Max Keeley, CBC

JT Thiemann, MICDS

John Coulter, MICDS

Benj Besancenez, Desmet