Registration is now open for 2020-2021 HS Project Missouri Open Evaluations.  


2020-2021 Evaluations


Sunday, August 23rd






2025,2026, 2027, 2028



Location: Villa Duchesne Lower Campus Fields. 


The Pipeline


Some of you may have noticed that we have been working hard to expand our regional profile. Basically, we have aligned with like minded clubs in Missouri and throughout the Midwest to expand our network and support all levels of our program. Players start by earning a spot here locally, and they are then eligible to move up the Pipeline. Here is how it looks:


Project Missouri (STL)

Team will practice 2X per week- once during the week at The Warehouse and once on Sunday afternoons at Villa. 

- The team will attend 1 box event and 3 field events between now and July of next year.

- The team will train 2x per week in the winter  


* Project Missouri State Team

For players who are in full status with our Project Missouri STL teams, and who are deemed to be the top athletes and players, there will be 3 State Team events per year at the HS level. 


* Project Midwest

For players who are in full status with our Project Missouri STL teams, and who are deemed as the 90th percentile in our program, there will be 3 events per year at the HS level.


HS Teams


This fall and winter, we will have a 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 team. 

For next summer, we will have a 2022, 2023, and 2024 team.


Here is a rough sketch of the events:

Project Missouri STL



STL vs. KC in STL



October TBD

STL vs KC in KC



11/7 to 11/8

Project Midwest Fall Invitational


Crown Point, IN



Early Dec.

L4 Box


Louisville, KY



June 28-30

Inside Lacrosse Session 1


Baltimore, MD




PMW Summer Invitational




Project Missouri State




Inside Lacrosse Session 2


Baltimore, MD



1/15to 1/16

Midwest Box Championships


Columbus, OH



June, 2021



Baltimore, MD


Project Midwest




3D Southern Retreat



Early July

Naptown National Tournament


Annapolis, MD



Early August, 2021

Box Nationals





Due to our experience this past summer navigating COVID, we are adapting. We will now have a non-refundable, yearly membership fee  to be made in two payments of $750 (9/15 and 5/15). That fee will cover all training, scrimmages, and coaching stipends. This past season we built all of our tournament fees in, and when COVID fear became more pervasive, we lost families and they lost their money. Alas, our new model will simply charge families per event. Those event fees will be collected the week before the event and will simply be the event fee divided by the number of players on the roster. State team and PMW players will not have to pay another team fee, rather, they would pay an at cost price to attend those extra events. 


We also are partnering with a sports fee insurance company so that families can, in fact, get a full refund if they experience any of the following:

Injuries - Injuries that leave the athlete unable to play for 30+ days

Illness - Illness that renders the athlete unable to play for 30+ days

Death - The Death of the Athlete or Parent

Mental Illness – Player forced to withdraw from the program due to a Mental Illness

Job Relocation - Moving out of the area for your employer greater than 75 miles

Job Loss - A loss of employment in the household from a W2 employee


When you sign the COVID waiver here,,

you will also be taken to the information page for the insurance. A 7% fee will give you all of the protection above. 

Finally, we will have a 1x Team Kit order that will include a New Balance custom jersey and shorts as well as a Shooting Shirt. At full registration, you will be invoiced for this. 


Fall Sports Conflicts


With COVID, the fate of HS Sports is up in the air. We recognize that some families may wonder about having their son play club lacrosse and a school sport. We want to support multi-sport athletes, and we believe that our price structure and training, should allow guys to do both. We want the best and most committed guys, and we hope to fill the void for players whose fall seasons have been adversely affected.




We will follow the appropriate phase protocol and keep you abreast of any changes.