Supplemental Tryout

This is our Spring/Summer Supplemental Tryout date used as an open evaluation for all players interested in joining the Project Missouri travel teams and a required event for all returners. We will use this date to add depth to our rosters and fill any gaps we may have on a per team basis. All those interested in joining PROMO should attend!

Age Group: 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029

2023-2027 Date & Time: Sunday, Janaury 30th. 12-2PM (2023, 2024, 2025), 2-4PM (2026 & 2027)

2023/2024 Make Up Date & 2028/2029 Tryout Date & Time: Sunday, February 20th. 12-2PM (2028 & 2029). This is for Promo 2028/29 Red and Black Team Placement. 11AM-12PM (2023/2024 make up date). This is for Project Missouri 2023/24 Red and Black.

Location: MICDS

Cost: $15 


Spring - Project Missouri 2028 and 2029s

We will have open enrollment for all 2028s and 2029s this Spring in order to increase the number of players we are developing. This will not only raise the level of more players, but also drive more competition throughout the Spring and Summer.

From there, we will work to build travel teams for the Summer circuit: either one 2028/29 combined age group team OR true 2028 and 2029 teams. That will be heavily dictated by the appetite of our families and the Spring development.

All 2028s and 2029s are asked to register for Spring Registration AND the Supplemental Tryouts for Project Missouri 2028/29 Black and Red Spring teams.

Age Groups: 2028 and 2029s

Spring Cost: $375



Register here: