Ever Forward Foundation

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Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Starts Today

The Ever Forward Foundation was founded on the belief that building successful community and citizen leaders starts at a young age. Part of crafting successful adults begins with providing children and young people with the necessary support, confidence and opportunity to find their passion and chase their dreams, no matter the size or shape.

Helping young people capitalize on the opportunity to learn invaluable life skills such as sacrifice, self-reliance, resiliency and accountability are cornerstones of crafting the next generation of leaders in St. Louis and beyond. Ever Forward hopes that its efforts and funds can help drive those that it supports to pursue their dreams and challenge themselves in ways that would not be possible but for the support of the Foundation.


Time to take action

Today, the Foundation helps grant families financial support for a range of worthwhile needs. Whether academic, athletic, extracurricular, health or arts-related, Ever Forward has a range of grant opportunities to help families and students in need. The Foundation offers families and students with three levels of support for grant recipients: