Our Mission


About Us

Project Missouri was founded in 2011 by Missouri Lacrosse Hall of Fame coach, Andy Kay. The program was created in order to fill a need in St. Louis and the greater State of Missouri: the absence of truly great coaching and national exposure for players looking to use lacrosse as a vehicle for higher education. Since its inception, Project Missouri has dominated the landscape of Missouri lacrosse, winning nearly every city championship at every level, every year. Similarly, Project Missouri has remained the most selective program in the area, producing more NCAA players, All-Americans, All-State, and Metro Player of the Year awards than all other local programs combined.

The Mission of Project Missouri

Through lacrosse, we help young men be the best version of themselves.We seek to inspire a passion for discipline, leadership, and mental toughness. Our players are prepared to handle adversity with class and welcome mistakes as opportunities to grow into empowered young men.To that end, all Project Missouri entities function under the premise that parent partnership is critical to running a great organization. We value feedback and hope that a proactive and reflective approach will provide players and families with an optimal experience.