Refund Policy  

When a player registers for Project Missouri; the guardian is responsible for all fees associated with accepting that position. All fees are expected in a timely manner as outlined at the time of registration. All fees are considered non-refundable. However, we do realize that at times there are extenuating circumstances, such as injury, that might prohibit the player from participating in Project Missouri after securing their spot with the team. For that reason, we provide a link for Sports Fee Insurance with each round of sign ups.  If a refund request is not injury related, we do not provide a refund because a player who accepts a spot on the team also takes a spot away from another player and subsequently affects the budgeting for the upcoming season.

Sports Fee Insurance

Project Missouri Lacrosse will be using sports fee insurance, by USSCI, to handle any potential refunds that may need to be issued. This insurance solution will provide peace of mind for both the club and our families, as it will ensure that if your athlete is sick or injured and can't participate this season – both you will be refunded and any of your owed dues will be handled.

In order to ensure that all parents are covered, we are offering this insurance as an optional add-on to your sports fee. The cost of the insurance is a small fee, which can be purchased by following link:


*Please note that this fee is inclusive of ALL FILM, Sports Recruits platform access, coaching stipends, coaches travel, field rentals, equipment, tournament fees, league fees, and club administration. We are not the most expensive club nor are we the cheapest. We believe that you pay for what you get, and we are committed to bringing the best possible lacrosse experience to your son.

Financial Aid

If you are in need of financial assistance or are someone who is interested in sponsoring a member of our community, please confidentially email Andy Kay at